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Welding Laser Desktop 3G / 3G XE-Power

Reliable, compact and powerful

Coherent: Industrial lasers for laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking, etc.

The Desktop manual welding laser is a compact, universally usable and inexpensive tabletop device for manual laser welding. It was developed for the special requirements in laboratories, workshops and institutes and is an ideal entry-level device. The desktop is ergonomically optimised and fits on a normal work desk.

The air-cooled system requires only a simple power connection. The workpiece is simply positioned with a stereo microscope and crosshairs. The performance and a long tool life open up fields of application in one-off and prototype production, in repair work and in small series production.

The XE-Power variant also offers a more powerful output of up to 80 watts and other additional functions.


Impulsdauer:0,1 - 50ms
Pulsfrequenz:1 - 50Hz
Strahldurchmesser:0,3 - 2,00mm


Impulsdauer:0,3 - 50ms
Pulsfrequenz:1 - 50Hz
Strahldurchmesser:0,3 - 2,00mm