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Engrfaving/Cutting Laser RR Writer Open

Fast and easy

We offer an open laser with a fibre laser source at 20 watts. The “open” structure, was designed to allow the operator safe, easy access to the marking area, for manipulation of the simple pieces. This is the perfect tool for laser marker users who need a small machine with great versatility.

The technical features of this laser marking system are suitable for operators with large loads of pieces and significantly improve the speed of operations.

The laser marker Open is ideal for marking texts, designs, graphic patterns and photo engravings, thanks to the transmission of the laser radiation through the fibre and onto the precise focus of the target object.

This laser marker can also be equipped with a rotary axis device to facilitate laser marking of curved surfaces: such as the inside or outside of rings or bracelets. The Laser Open meets the highest quality standards from the most renowned manufacturers of high-end Imposed jewellery. It is perfect for marking all types of precious and semi-precious metals, steel, titanium as well as many other materials, even non-metallic ones. Eye protection from laser beams is necessary to ensure absolute safety of operators during laser marking or light cutting processes. In addition, there is a standard metal shield. Protection or privacy shields keep the laser beam within the laser marking area, preventing it from spreading and thus preserving the operator’s health.

20W20W HD
Laserparameter:Diodengepumpten fasergekoppelten, klasse 4
Wellenlänge:1064 ± 2 nm1059 - 1065 nm
Nennleistung:20 W20 W
Impulsenergie:1.0 mJ0.8 mJ
Impulsdauer:140 nS200 nS
Pulsfrequenz:30 - 60 kHz1 - 500 kHz
Strahldurchmesser:35 µm
Markierkopf:Schreibgeschwindigkeit > 7m/S
Einstellungen:Manuelle Parametrierung
Feldmarkierung:110 x 110 mm
Kamera:Farbe, integriert, mit einer Zoom-Vergrößerung x8 bereitgestellt